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I know I may have to hand in my Canadian citizenship for this but I've gotta be honest, I don't see what the big deal is with hockey. I've gone to the games and watched it on TV and it always bored the piss out of me. Give me nosebleed seats for the Bombers vs the Roughriders and I'm set.

I do admire the skill it takes to play hockey well though so congrats to the Canadian juniors!

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I can't get into the CFL because you know they're all NFL rejects. and the teams have no identity. players jump from team to team, (kinda like how the new NHL is). it's basically one big NFL tryout. I mean, is anybody really proud to be a hamilton tiger-cat?!


I like games where the teams feel hatred towards each other... the whole idea of team sports is that it's a war format. win/lose.

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I like steroids. They make me feel like I'm alive..


I'm not into hockey. My roommates are trying to get me into it but I just dont know yet. I'm going to try and see a Calgary Flames game (even though I root for Canucks) sometime this season to see if I can dig it or not.

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