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Last.fm Bored Group

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Can anyone tell me who "Captain Rocket" is? they've applied to join the group but I'm not sure who they are.

also, the person with the change of season tattoo joined (I can't remember who that is, I could look, but I'm lazy)

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who is chad though? (aside from captain rocket)

doesn't matter, I accepted him. we are now 6 members away from having group charts so join up! and if you don't use last.fm START!



1) what the fuck is up with people not knowing who chad is?


2) what the fuck is up with people not approving me for their silly little group?


3) my last fm hasn't updated in months but one day it will again. believe me.

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Right? They're sitting at the table and he tells his sister to go suck a fuck. wasn't that how it happened? I can't entirely remember.

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