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Looking For A Bootleg

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in the Hub, some people had some MG's acoustic bootlet from his concert last year. I could download a couple of them (in non of them was the rat who would be king) but I havent been able to download more because for some reason the Hub doesnt work (I don't know why, I have posted about it in NF but i havent gotten an answer yet why it doesnt work)... if i can get it somehow, i'll let u know

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oh, thought she meant it didnt work... for me it's the ONLY possibility to get MG live. you guys live in Canada, are from Canada or have Canada very close AND you can go and see Matt live... I live in Spain and for me it's almost impossible to get anything else but the official CDs if I don't use the Hub. It's allowing me to hear MG live, at least at home!

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there used to be a torrent page for MG I think it's been taken down. which sucks. DC is kinda tricky, but the kids that took the time to record and proces the shows prefer it that way and you gotta respect that. I would have no quams with uploading the few shows that I have somewhere(i'm not doing it on those usend it sites, as it would take hours to upload) I wouldn't be against making a torrent but I don't leave my computer on all that often.



furthering the question rat hasn't been played acoustic to my knowledge. IF it has someone should be kind enough to post it up though(it's one track only would take a few minutes!)

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