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Why Did You Join?

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I was just thinking about how funny it is that I originally just joined up to get my hands on those sexy downloads in the nf store and now, here I am, over 2.5 years later, still posting. what was your reason for joining the bored?

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To commune with other fans of Matthew Good and the MGB, but since then, discovered that some of you like, Tim, Shiri, the Beths, Christine, Anton, Adam(yes even Adam), Alex, Chris, Tracy, Jarrod, all the Dans, and the great and powerful Mrs. Jesus, and all the rest of you are some of the coolest shits to pass the time of day with, that I just might have to stay for awhile!!!


Thanks for being welcoming, funny, and just an all around great bunch of kickass people.

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I forget, but it may have involved concert news.


After looking up my own introduction thread, apparently I didn't know back then either. But our fearless leader promptly told me "You joined because you love it" so there you have it.


Actually, it's a moderately entertaining thread:

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i already had all the downloads cuz i had peeps on the inside ie saturnine. they were never a factor in my joining or continuing to post.


to be honest, i only joined because there were 665 members and i thought i would be number 666. which somehow didn't happen.


i stayed because saturnine amuses me.

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haha I joined for the downloads too


I lurked for a hella long while, and got familiar with the regulars.


Then I started dating Kevin, to piss Adam off XD.


And now...it just seems like routine to stay. Like going to the bathroom in the morning.


And thanks for the shout-out, Charles. You are a peach.

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