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A Public Cry For Help

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Ok so my friend and I have started a 2 man acoutic band. For some strange reason people around my town have really gotten to like our music fast. Anyways our band name is 'El Chupacabra' (thats that mexican mythological creature) and things were going well until I stumbled upon a stupid Alberta band with the same name that have been around since 1998. Well my friend and I don't want to have the same name as another band, so we've decided to change it up. But we don't know what to change it to!?! We have a Myspace:


El Chupacabra


So what I would like to know is if anyone can think of a band name, or just give us an idea, that kinda flows with the same genre of music we play.


Thanks a lot.



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Wendigo. Another monster of myth for you.


Grendel's taken.


Sleipnir, the six-legged giant horse? Chimera? Fenris...is probably taken as well.


Nibbler? Of the Niblonians, who battle against the Brainspawn. I don't know.

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Ya, a lot of these ideas could make great song names, which is good cause I can write lyrics but never seem to think of a suitable name for it.


Also we're looking for like a single word sort of band name. But don't let that stop you from pitching out you idea. Thanks a lot guys and gals.

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