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Have you ever had someone lie to you for no good reason?


Post your stories here.


Here's mine:


I slept with this guy in our little "friendship circle" (or whateverthefuck you want to call it) for a while. It was never all that serious because neither of us knew what we wanted (which is unlike me, but that's besides the point). For this reason, and him not wanting his ex to hear about it and freak out, we decided not to tell the others for the sake of less drama. My best friend figures it out, but never says a thing to anyone, because she is awesome like that, and in the 20 years of our friendship has never let me down.


Now that it's all over and we've decided to be "just friends" it gets back to the "ex" that we slept together and she freaks out. He calls me freaking out, blaming it on my friend, when I know for a fact that she kept her mouth shut, and that he told his friend, who told his girlfriend, who told the ex. He completely denies telling his friend...which I wouldn't give two shits about if he did; I have nothing to hide. What a fuck face. I hate when people lie for no good reason.

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Ah, that's messed. Sorry you had to deal with drama-assed shit like that, Christine.


I had a fuck buddy once, who swore to me he didn't have a girlfriend, and one night that we slept together he told me he had to leave early for work, so we both had to leave soon, which I did.


Ended up he was leaving on a weekend vacation with his girlfriend.


Soon after, she confronted me, suspecting her boyfriend was cheating on her, and asked me if he had told me about her, which he did, but in the "she's only a friend" capacity. Oh Holy Night was I wrong.


That's when she told me the bondage equipment we used that night was hers ;)

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Nothing major recently that has pissed me off, but a few insincere waves from a total bastard who's at the table next to me right now is getting me slightly annoyed.

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I hate when people bring things up just so they can talk about themselves.


This girl at school called me to tell me she got off at the wrong shuttle stop and had to walk to her car from there. She thought I would be proud since I regularly call her out for being fat and lazy. The next, we are sitting in a group of people and she says "OMG, Beth, guess what happened to me last night with the shuttle!" So I said, "Yeah, you called me and told me but nice seguay so you can tell everyone else about it now. If you want to talk about it, do it, just don't use me as a way to bring it up."


She is always doing shit like that so she can talk about herself. And she just randomly lies, too.

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I think the most frustrating thing about liars is when they're really bad at lying, but really committed liars. Like no matter how obvious it is they're bullshitting, they'll get extremely defensive and insist what they're saying is totally true.

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I work for a company built on lies, I was with a compulsive liar for a long time(14 1/2 years) I would never lie for a company, but I would lie to someone I love, if there was no other choice to protect them...I lie to my nieces and nephew about their mom's and their grandfather's health... I'm not happy about it, but sometimes, to protect people you have to do that which you find the most abhorrent.

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Aww, Charles...


That's so sad.



On topic, everyone lies. It's just the frequency and severity that differs, but it bothers me when people lie for no reason. This girl I dated would just make shit up to avoid the smallest little confrontation, or to save herself even the tiniest bit of embarassment.


For example, one day she was late to pick one of her friends up to go somewhere, because she couldn't find her keys. Instead of just saying "I had to find my stupid keys" she made up this whole intricate story about her mom accidently taking them to work, and then having to call her, bitch her out for her stupidity and get her to drop them off.


...which makes it pretty funny that while her and her friend were driving to wherever they were going they SAW her mom, and she have them an "oh, hey, why are you so damn late?" look.

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I hate being lied to and I don't like doing it.


I think peoples vanity and or need not to be held accountable, is a lot of the reasons why they lie. To me it just takes too much energy, first to lie, and then perpetuate the lie.


just tell the truth and move on. But again, there are times when you can't help having to.

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