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it bothers me that this guy is so good and i feel all alone in my admiration of his music. you all know what i'm talking about. being matthew good fans, you've had to encounter this feeling. especially the americans among you. anyway, this guy's awesome. he plays organ and sings for the slackers (trad ska band) and sits in with countless other bands on organ. however, his solo stuff, which is just him and his acoustic guitar is fantastic. kinda bluesy, folksy. not complicated songs lyrically or technically, but awesome. i've seen him tagged as the next bob dylan on last.fm (i'm the top listener of him this week:) ), which isn't fair cuz bob dylan sux. and vic's smokey, new york wiseguy voice is great. i can't say go out and download some of his stuff, cuz you won't find it anywhere. i had to order his cds. i won't say go out and buy a cd you've never heard cuz no one likes unpleasant $20 surprises. i will share a song or two with anyone interested. if you likes what ya hears you can choose to support him yourself or not. anyway, lemme know, and i can stop feeling like the only one who's heard him.

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