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well, it's not bowie, but bowie is one of his influences. i'm not a huge manson fan, however i absolutely love this album. the only other album i like by him is 'golden age of grotesque', and it's a far distant second. this album is one i'll always cite as a perfect album:




marilyn manson - mechanical animals


overview from wikipedia:


Unlike Marilyn Manson's previous work, Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals is, on an aesthetic level, far less dark. In both image and music, Mechanical Animals is inspired by 1970s style, Bowie-esque Glam Rock (It's worth noting that Manson has always cited Bowie as his biggest influence).


Musically, many songs are much lighter in melodies (though not generally lyric-wise) than those on Antichrist Superstar and they are far less sonically abrasive. The music is far more complicated than most of his work.


In the album, Manson takes on two roles, being a substance addicted Glam Rocker and a gender-bending Alien called Omega (pronounced specifically in this case, as intimated by phonetic accents in the liner notes, oh-mee-gah). Manson's other role is that of Alpha, or a facet of himself. Subsequently, seven of the fourteen songs are from the perspective, lyrical and musical, of a fictional band called Omega and the Mechanical Animals, while the other seven are by Marilyn Manson. The Omega songs are typically those most nihilistic and superficial lyrically, such as "New Model, No. 15", "User Friendly", and "The Dope Show". The album artwork features a dual liner note book, in which one half has lyrics for the Omega songs, and when flipped over, has those for the Alpha songs.


The lyrical themes in the album revolve around the evils of conformity, similar to the Pink Floyd album The Wall . In a 1998 interview, Manson himself related the album to the band's previous work, saying, "On Antichrist Superstar I compared myself to Lucifer's fall from heaven. . . The new album is more about what happens when I land on Earth and try to fit in as a human being."

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the second album from bowie's berlin era, "heroes", is probably his most accessible out of the three. i think this one outdoes low in some respects (robert fripp guesting on guitar being one), but the two are pretty evenly matched as far as content and attention to detail are concerned. give it a whirl.



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