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Shade's Album Upload Topic

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Nice, Beth! I'll cancel my upload, haha. It's taking forever.



What did you think of it? On the first listen I wasn't super impressed but after listening a second time I started hearing more of what I liked about MMET to begin with. I think I was just thrown off by how much more mainstream some tracks on the album sound compared to previous releases.

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Hey Cats & Kittens,

Been gone a while ;)

Anybody have any ideas (or dl links would be even better) of some awesome Post Rock? I'm just getting into it.

Mostly looking for stuff that isn't too dark or heavy.

Right now I'm into the Album Leaf, El Ten Eleven, Explosions in the Sky Godspeed You! Black Emperor, The Mercury Program, Mono, Sigur Ros, & This Will Destroy You.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :angry:

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Do Make Say Think is pretty okay. Not too heavy. Also try out Early Day Miners if you don't mind some vocals in your post rock. EDIT apparently a lot of the links from by blog still work so here's an Early Day Miners album: All Harm Ends Here


Here's a link to an album by a band called Giants: They, The Undeserving


I think you downloaded the Toe album I posted waay back when? Giants is similar.

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soundless, can you post some do make say think? i've heard of them as some guys from BSS, but i've only heard collett, and kevin drew

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wow, its been leaked and around the net for a long ass time

sorry, i'm behind with music.


who has the latest beck album to upload for me? thx in advance


and thanks to the girl who gave me the sigur ros album--i'm just never here often enough.


btw, Do Make Say Think is awesome.


EDIT #93092492


one more band that i'm looking for.


people always recommend me things over the years but i never made it to it, probably because music isn't the forefront in my life anymore. anyway, a british friend of mine recommended animal collective to me YEARS ago and i never made it to them but from what i'm told, i would love them.


i don't download music on my own which is why i'm piss poor at "finding" music these days. anyway, if anyone has ANY animal collective and the new beck album, that would be swell.

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Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds





i think that she knows





Ride - Nowhere










Hot Chip - Made in the Dark





shweeet album





Red House Painters - Down Colourful Hill




Japanese to English FTW






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