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Lyric Debate, Meg Is Stoopid

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so in the live version of near fantastica where matt adds those extra lyrics before the song. I'm pretty damn sure he says, "if only it was rainin water, not no educated bombs" but meg seems to think that it is "if only it was rainin water, not uneducated bombs"


Clearly, it makes sense that these bombs would be educated and metaphorically "smart" bombs. hi-tech weapons.


Meg thinks: "yeah but that would insinuate that the reason they're being dropped is justified, and it's not. they're uneducated 'cause people don't know why they're being dropped, or the real reason they are"


"or if he's talking about envirnmental issues, rain (acid rain) is being compared to bombs because they both will have the same affect"


I still think he says not no educated bombs.


Who will win?

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Matt posted the lyrics up either on mg.org (nationofcool.com), the APH or The Metro I'm not certain as a sort of poem back in 2003...I'm sorry Meg as much as I love you it's "if only it was raining water and not no educated bombs"

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