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Limblifter (superthread)

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So, what are your guys' thoughts on Pacific Milk?  I don't know who all pre-ordered or how early you might have gotten it but I got it the other day, almost 2 weeks early.


I gotta say, after a few listens, I am quite underwhelmed and disappointed.  This is the first Limblifter/Ryan Dahle album that I haven't taken to immediately or almost immediately and I don't know if it's more the songs or the production.  Let me clarify, I am not knocking Ryan's talents and abilities with production in any way, he has proven he's extremely talented with this.  I/O and Irrational Anthems had excellent production.


I think Ryan very well may have botched or severely marred the production of Pacific Milk (to me anyway).  It is FAR too much the same sonically and is VERY lacking in dynamics and the bass is going to waste being buried in the mix for the most part.  There are parts that could have much better grooves and rhythms.  A Limblifter album needs to have more dynamics.  IA was unique in this regard too, but it still clearly had more dynamic and fit those songs better as that album was a lot more mellow.  I think the songs of the solo album were also stronger and more interesting. 


I think the live versions of The Fauves and possibly Juliet Club were better, which is very unexpected.  The Fauves really lacks punch on the album.  This album still has quite a bit of catchiness and potential and I hope it will grow on me but it hasn't at all in 3 or 4 listens.  I really don't know if I can get past the production.  It also makes this album tiring on the ears.



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Guest jjazz

I was very happy to see them this past Friday in Toronto. They always put on a great show, and they were as tight as ever. The new drummer is really fun to watch, but I really miss Brent.  He and Meg always had a fun chemistry to watch.


The set list was VERY heavy on Pacific Milk, and not as spaced out as I'd have liked it to be, but hey, that's me. What can you do.


After giving the new record a few listens, my thoughts echo Manchalivin's.


I'll never question Ryan's abilities as an engineer. I think what he does is fantastic, and I'm amazed at how many projects he's always dipping his hands into. I think he's a Canadian music marvel, and totally overlooked when most think of Canadian rock, and the Canadian rock revival that's been popping up.


However, I'm not digging this record as much as I thought I would. And maybe it's the engineering approach, but it's lacking something. Even songs like Dopamine, when you break it down and hear it, it feels very empty. Unless you're listening at a really high volume, nothing really resonates or shines through.


As far as style is concerned, all Limblifter records and IA have a different approach to the sound, but the production is usually a lot more crisp. It took me a few listens to really appreciate Irrational Anthems, and I think it's because I was in an I/O headspace. So yeah, we'll see if this one grows on me. I'm definitely underwhelmed, but hopefully I'll come around. I'm super thankful that he even took the time to make it, so I really do want to enjoy it.

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Yeah, the style of production was something else with Irrational Anthems coming off of I/O but after a few listens I really liked it and thought the recording was well done.  The different instruments had nice sound and tone and it had its own kind of dynamics.


I think my problem with Pacific Milk is mostly or even entirely production related.  There's some good energy, songwriting and plenty of hooks, but it lacks edge and punch and dynamics.  It's unfortunate because I think it's a very good album but this takes so much away from it.  I am finding different hooks and songs I'm enjoying more and more, and I keep going back to it because I'm legitimately interested, so that's good I think.  Hopefully we'll come to overlook or appreciate the production and I'm glad Ryan is still making records and really hope he continues to do so.  Maybe his renewed interest in Limblifter/writing music and playing live will bring faster album releases.  Just please don't abandon Limblifter/solo for Mounties because the former are much better.


Songs that standout most to me are (not necessarily in order): Cast A Net, Key of Karavana, Hotel Knife, Suspended, Been There Done That, Position Open and Palomino.  I'm liking Juliet Club more than I did at first.

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Limblifter always put on a great show. And having not heard any of the songs off the album (other than Dopamine and live versions of Hotel Knife) the songs off of Pacific Milk that they played live sounded great to me! So maybe I went into the album with higher standards, but I feel like you both.....disappointed. This is after roughly a week of listening. A lot of the songs sound eerily similar as Manchalivin noted, and I can definitely hear some similarities to Mounties (Hawksley Workman helped work on the album I believe, others from Mounties might have as well, don't quite remember). In comparison to other Limblifter albums Pacific Milk definitely lacks a range of songs. It's a good album, but not as good their others IMHO. Cast a Net, Hotel Knife, Under the Riot, The Fauves, and Position Open are the the only songs I've ended up not skipping. I may feel differently in a month or so though, who knows. Live show still kicked ass at least!

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I can't believe how bad the new album is. People without decades of music experience have made better albums in their bedroom on their computer.


The chord progressions are boring as fuck.  Hotel Knife and Suspended are basically the exact same thing. Really uninspired stuff here. 


For the parts of it I could stomach, I couldn't help but constantly thinking "THAT's the guitar tone you're going with on this one? Ew."


I don't think I heard one good melody or something clever on the entire album.  They really should have kept this to themselves.  It's obvious that they didn't go back and listen to their old albums before writing/recording this one. Do they even remember the song "Drug Induced"? That's like Beethoven compared to this new stuff.


The whole thing has a vibe of "Fuck it, let's just record this and release it for the hell of it."

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Curious what you all think about the album now that you've had some time to soak it in. For me there are only to bad songs on this album Cast-a-net and I deleted you. Beyond that I'd say there are no great songs on the album, but everything besides the two mentioned a good songs. 

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