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So, Rusty Matyas has a new side-project from The Waking Eyes, it's called Terrier. Basically because they wrote so many songs for the new Waking Eyes album, the ones he wrote that didn't get choosen, he re-claimed for his new project. It's kind have reminiscent of the first Limblifter album, where all the songs were un-claimed Age of Electric songs that Dahle re-claimed. Anyways there's a myspace page up with four songs up, I really enjoyed listening to "I'd Still Be Dreaming", and "Geronimo", http://www.myspace.com/terriermusic. Also, after the next Waking Eyes record is recorded, Rusty Matyas said he will try to record a Terrier album as some point as well.

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yeah, I kinda did. I just assumed. I was hoping that wouldn't come up.


besides, I wasn't gonna be like "Matt, are you THE Matt?" and if it was he'd be all like, "great, a fanboy" and leave.

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This is pretty good. I like it a lot better than the Waking Eyes. you should tour with Terrier (though I am in Winnipeg and I could just see them whenever I want to I guess)

Based on the demos The Waking Eyes have posted on their myspace, I think that their next album will be similar to this too, but perhaps not quite so poppy.


As for the name, I'll have to figure something out later.

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