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Nf Update

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Parts of the site are broken but I've partially launched our new website. Check out the video section if you haven't already.


edit: people may be having some cookie issues...

edit2: e-mails may be wonky too


i'll update the rss feed and main site news when things start to clear up.

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i got bored with fluid design. everyone will be stuck at looking at something 800x600 friendly from now on.


anyway, i enjoyed making the new video system the most ;)


i can finally get the mg interview and video from his apartment thing up.

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i keep sporadically getting this:


Not Found


The requested URL was not found on this server.

Apache Server at Port


everything will be fine clicking from post to post, and then i get that, and it's like the whole site dissappeared. when i get that message, i have to close my browser and then surf back to the bored and log in again. when i click 'view new posts', it's like i hadn't logged out at all. it gives me the same new posts as before the error.

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