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Smokin' Aces

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Alright, I was going to be first in line to see this movie last night, but after reading all the reviews I changed my mind and went to see Children Of Men (awesome movie) instead. I usually don't let reviews stop me from seeing a movie, but it seems like everyone is saying that it's terrible. I read some posts in this section that said it was good..... Is it worth seeing?

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The new episode was great, as usual. I have all the manga but I refuse to read it for that same reason. I'd rather watch the show without knowing what's going to happen.


Have you watched the live action movie yet?

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yeah, well 300 is one of the movies I'm most looking forward to this year (along with Spider-Man 3 and (up until yesterday) Smokin Aces (which is what this thread is all about in the first place right?)

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I'll be honest with you? I went into this movie with high hopes... and I personally thought this movie was SO MUCH better than I was expecting it to be. Sure, I figured out a major plot twist kinda early on in the movie but I really didn't mind. I stand by my rating of 10/10. there wasn't a single thing I disliked about this movie

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I don't get why this movie is getting such shitty reviews. I saw it and thought it was amazing, AND for the second half of the movie, I was distracted by the fact that my girlfriend was literally a missing person. But it was so good, I still enjoyed it and waited until it was over until I went into panic mode, which in hindsight is pretty terrible. Anyway, my theory for why critics are giving this movie hell is because first it was compared to Pump Fiction, which is stupid, it's nothing like it, and second, critics are starting to realize that Pulp Fiction wasn't THAT good. That's a whole other rant, but I think it's starting to make critics defensive about perfectly good movies that they still see the need to compare it to.





SPOILER (Highlight to View)
The small scene where Ray Liota and the other guy shoot eachother in the elevator was one of the best short but sweet moments in all of cinema.
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