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What's The Last Thing You've Eaten?

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cold hard plum

now all we need is for meg to post that she's been eating grilled cheese and this thread is back to what it once was.



tracy, i enjoy the vancouver stories.


i had a donut.

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I always here people raving about the blue Fanta... And where is this Moderne Burger? I love a good lounge.. And burger for that matter!


Speaking of burgers, last thing I ate was a burger from Vera's. Damn gooood stuff.

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I too had burger king last night. Double Cheeseburger, no pickle, extra cheese, add onions. King Fry.


I had a baby cuke and a smoked salmon bagel for breakfast. Nothing but fruit for the rest of the day.


Last night was my screw off night...I'm back on the diet again.

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OH baby. Beard Papa.


For those who have not been graced with it's deliciousness:


Beard Papa's


What's so awesome, is that Beard Papa is right next to Marble Slab on Denman and Davie now, so I can totally double fist it this summer haha

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Last time I ate at Burger King I was sick all night. It wasn't fun...

Anyway, the last thing I ate was some awesome carrot cake that my co-worker made. It was awesome! And she gave me the left overs of it too!! So nice ;)

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