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Anyone that watches the Office should know about Desert Island. Hopefully someone replies something along the lines of Dwight's answer, because that would be hilarious. But wow, that's really a tough question, and I don't really know what my answer will be right off the top of my head. I'll have to get back with my reply to my own question after I think about this.

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i don't watch the office, so, yeah...


3 books:

on the road


sas survival guide (being trapped on an island and all)


3 cds (assuming the island has some sort of coconut powered stereo sytem):


the fragile

the slackers live at ernesto's


3 movies (coconut powered dvd and wide screen tv?):

reservoir dogs

shaun of the dead


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helter skelter

american psycho

and any goosebumps, just for that nostalgic feeling




Black album

audio of being



Lion King

Fantastic Four (i never get sick of this movie for some reason)

Fight Club

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The Rules Of Attraction

Slaughterhouse 5

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower




Pluto - Pluto

Pluto - Shake Hands With The Future

Sunshine Pacemakers - Overexposure (note: i totally made that one up, just cause I couldn't think of a third one)




Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

The Rules Of Attraction

Bubble Boy (yeah, i said it...i DO love that movie)

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Three Books:


1)Boy Scout Handbook


2)Truman - By McCullough


3)The Sound of Waves - Mishima


Three CDs


1)MY MG/MGB MP3 disc (165 songs)


2)My Ultimate Mix MP3 disc (155 songs)


3)My Valentines Day Mix disc (18 songs,, cause is some ladies show up, I want to be ready)


Three Movies


1) Over The Hedge


2) Captain Blood


3) The Crow

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Lol, that was a funny episod of the Office. If you wanna relive it

Dwight: Question, is there fire wood on the island?

Jim: I guess.

Dwight: Then I would bring an ax, no books.

Jim: It has to be a book Dwight.

Dwight: Fine, Physician's Desk Reference...

Jim: Nice, smart.

Dwight: ...hollowed out. Inside: waterproof matches, iodine tablets, beet seeds, protein bars, NASA blanket and, in case I get bored, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. No, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Question: did my shoes come off in the plane crash?

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