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People Who Like Themselves

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Don't knock misanthropy. It's one of the few things that allows me to justfity my current lifestyle.


EDIT: Seriously, though. Depression and self-esteem issues are serious things that any rational person would talk to someone about.

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I have trouble with that. Part of me is always surprised when people like me. As for liking myself, I have always had trouble with that. It's easier now that I'm older...but for awhile there, it was touch and go...even now the girl catches me being overly hard on myself...

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I am by FAR my favourite person. Well...that I've met so far. I don't think that's a bad thing. People will love you when you love yourself, so do it.

Normally I'd call you on this, but you'd be one of my favourite people if you weren't from the East Coast.


If I sat down and had a conversation with myself, I bet I'd never want to leave.

I fucking rock.


If I sat down and had a conversation with you, I'd pull a murder-suicide.

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