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Vancouver Show #1 and #2

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i thought "cant get shot in the back" was brilliant as a closer. probably my favourite show to date, it was intense from start to finish. I really liked the new material live, and it was mixed up well with Hello time bomb, giant, weapon and such.


When Matt ripped into that soldier doll I was almost on the floor.

"of course its Special forces, because no one wants regular forces."


"if you'll notice, she comes with handy knife, and hand grenade, and oddly enough.....a russian kalishnikov.......and in case you were wondering, this toy is not suitable...for children under 3.".


something along those lines. too funny. anyways, excellent show, Matt gets better and better as a performer in my opinion.





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no pictures, didnt bring camera, it way more enjoyable that way.

does anyone have the setlist from fridays show, this is what i came up with,but i think the order is in all likleyhood wrong



in love with a bad idea

poor man's grey

put out your lights



hello time bomb

load me up

buffalo seven

alert status red

little terror

it's been while since i was your man

everything is automatic

x pats



in a world called catastrope

near fantastica

empty road


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