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You Need To Hear This Band

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They are very cool and they play my favorite kind of music.




The music industry is hurting, and you can only go so far with sub-genres of music (ex: indie electro-hip hop jazz fuzion is MY favorite type of music)


I first heard them on the It's All Gone Pete Tong soundtrack, and I can tell you, I am nothing but excited about their sound (hence me making this thread) their energy and their ambition.


They are set to release their first album in February


I 'downloaded' their videos from their official site....and I am passing them onto you.



Dj's In A Row This is what got me into them in the first place...so start with this one, I guess...if its not your taste, try the others



Bland Band Boogie


Watch, Listen and Love Schwab...and Share it with your friends (real ones...you know, the ones in 'flesh world')




EDIT: and just think, if you become a fan of them, you can hold it over your elitist music Modest Mouse Bright Eyes loving indie fans...


"oh, I love Schwab. They rock."


"who's Schwab?"


"oh, You've never heard of them? tsk tsk" ;)

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