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Willing Update-ers

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I can forsee this post getting locked, moved, or outright deleted by the admins, but I'll risk it all...

I've been completely out of the loop for a little less than a year, now...last time I checked, Matt and Jen had just got back from Europe *cough*...I know, pathetic.

Anyway, would anybody be so kind as to update me on the goings-on in the world of Matthew Good? Some things I've heard so far:

-new album info (tracklistings, etc.)

-new band members/relationships

-taking a new musical direction

-the divorce (when, why, how, etc.)

-nervous breakdowns

-moving from Vancouver

-anything else...?

If anyone would show the tiniest bit of sympathy/patience to shed some light on one or more of these topics (you could just send me links), I'd be incredibly greatful...I'm sure there's a lot more I don't know about, so anything would be fantastic.



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