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I used to hate MASH when i was younger...well to be honest my parents got me into MASH about a year ago...and well to be honest i only watched it because my parents HAD to watch it because there was nothing else on.


But now i love it. Hawkeye is my favourite and honestly he is one of my all time favourite T.V. characters. Oh, and i can't forget Radar either...i love him too.


I only have one question...where did the nickname "HOT LIPS" come from?

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Sammyspade, I have the 6 seasons as well.


This thread shouldn't have died so soon. Okay, I'll give a cookie to whoever tells me which character said the quote in my signature. No cheating.

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lol... anton


MASH is great though, last week i watched it every night and enjoyed it very much. It was indeed quality tv, and wish i noticed that earlier. But now that im back home, i dont watch much tv... so bye-bye MASH

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oh man... those cookies look really good


where is the cookie monster emoticon?

this will have to do for now: ;) :angry: :angry:

or this is the cookie monster who ate all the cookies out of the bag: :angry:

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