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Man, I've been looking for that one from the 2000 MMVAs where they play Load Me Up for years. I haven't seen it since it aired. They all look so young, especially Matt. They even look happy to be playing together.


It's sad almost, it reminds me of the one time I met the guys. I was at a signing of theirs the day they released AOB in Vancouver. They all looked miserable, except for Matt who was trying to talk to people. I thanked Dave by name for his signature and he muttered, "I can't believe anyone knows my name." Two weeks later they were broken up.

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yossarian, that's funny I remember MGB playing western fair promoting AoB and Dave said something similar after soundcheck...people were lined up and we just walked around the gates and up to the guys. My friend Ken and I expressed how we liked the instrumentation on the album, and dave said "well we all put in our two cents, but it all depends on who you ask" or something along those lines...seemed kind of envious

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There was also a Sloan concert where they were playing at Much Music and taking questions in between songs and one of the came over video from Dave where he asked how they were able as a band to stand being around each other all the time. All those little tip offs.


The bitch of it is that Beautiful Midnight, as I hear it, is still so much more solid than anything that's come after. WLRRR hasn't held up nearly as well over time as BM has. I'm looking forward to the new record but sometimes you gotta think about a potential for something that was lost. I'm probably thinking about it too heavily at the moment after seeing that video of them playing.

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I think as Matt himself has said, you shouldn't really judge people based on a one or two minute encounter where they could be in a bad mood or something could be misinterpreted.


Just sayin'. :angry:

I met Dave on a few occasions and he was always nice. But that doesn't mean he isn't a whinypants every now and again, which, given my own encounters, wasn't something I witnessed. Hence my comment. I didn't realize he was like that all that often.


Alrighty? :angry: ;)

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There is more to come once I get around to uploading them.

The making of the IAWCC video from the MG site back in the day

When Matt was on Off The Record

Going Coastal-The Making of the Audio of being

Going Coastal-Making of IAWCC video

Matt on CPAC April 8th 2003

& these which are readily available on youtube as it is but I will upload them too

MMM Bio - The Story of MGB

Japan Interview

Matt Rants - Much Music - Too Hot or Not


PS. As for the Motley Crue. I'm not a Motley Crue fan. I had never really listened to them before, except what you hear on the radio, but when your friend who is a crazy fan offers you a free ticket because they didn't know anyone who wanted to go how can you say no.

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I can't remember exactly where I got all the videos. I just collected them over the years from HOSAM, The Hub & other various sources. I forgot I had them & one day I was going through some stuff and I came across a DVD which I burnt a while ago which had all the videos on them.


Does anyone know where can get a copy of "Oh Be Joyful" video? It's the only one for music videos that I'm missing. Thanks

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