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Sam Roberts Band The New Matthew Good Band?

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They would be if they didn't suck. Shitty vocals, lame lyrics, basic rock sound, no growth between albums, one or two catchy tunes.


They don't deserve attention anywhere else.


YOU THOUGHT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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wow. wow wow wow.

Sam Roberts is amazing. but arguing with those who don't like a certain band or artist is pointless.

i've learned this from many arguments over Radiohead...and how they're not the be all and end all of what 'amazing music' is.

arguing music is kind of like arguing whose sip of Coke, or breath of air, was better.

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wickernightmare...you posted this bullshit in the MGB area of the bored...you were expecting, what? A blowjob?


I decided last night to give him another shot...know what? He doesn't just suck...he swallows...

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"s-o-cia-lism is here to stay

s-o-cia-lism is the only way"


now how's THAT for a canadian anthem???? i enjoy that song too.


i'm a fan of With A Bullet. I quote in frequently.


if you were marked with a bullet

i would jump in front of it

i'd rather die for love

than die for the want of it.



love it

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some really good songs of theirs are dead end, bridge to nowhere, brother down, mind flood, where have all the good people gone.....and theres many more...


heres the thing...this comparison of Sam Roberts to Matthew Good (Band) doesn't really make any sense...their styles of music are quite different and they are not similar bands in the least...i love both bands...with MGB being above SRB but they are not alike in musical styles...

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