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Aside from myself, supercanuck, and garsk, is there anyone in this joint who likes 'em? I mentioned before that Super and myself bought Billy Talent tickets because Rise Against was opening, and we left in favour of beer as BT took the stage. That should sum up my feelings on the matter.


In retrospect I should have taken the optical-zoom stalker camera to that show, but it's pretty bulky and I dunno whether they were checking for recording devices or not.

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Swing Life Away isn't bad, but it isn't great. Seems like a hook song for the masses, like Indestructible was. As for the emo bit...I never cared about that except with bands that actually have whiney voices. Heh.

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-Moneen wasn't bad, but not good either.

-Anti-Flag was pretty good, though I don't know their stuff too well.

-Rise Against was excellent...hoping they come back and headline something soon. Lots of energy.

-Billy Talent was shrill and mediocre for the two songs I listened to before leaving.


All-ages show with BT as the main feature meant lots of young kids and parents. Kinda freaks me out.


I got in to Rise Against not too long ago, a year maybe...Siren Song and Revolutions Per Minute were already out, anyway. Also went back from there and listened to alot of the older stuff. I got them illegitimately of course, but I think I'll probably go and buy a few of them now....partly because my car's CD player won't play burned CDs, and it's a pain to plug in the MP3 all the time.

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Heh. Most of my friends like Swing Life Away, and almost none of them like Rise Against in general. Seems to be a trend. It's so unlike the rest of their catalog.


It's decent, but I don't generally listen to Rise Against if I'm looking for calm acoustics.

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Well I like just about everything I've heard by them...but a few suggestions:


-The Good Left Undone


-Paper Wings

-Behind Closed Doors

-My Life Inside Your Heart (one of the better of the 'old' songs)

-Life Less Frightening (a single, and pretty much the song that got me into them)

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Nice little sum up there sparq - thanks.


I couldn't believe Rise Against weren't the headliners, I don't remember but I even checked out the States shows and I think Billy Talent was still headlining are they that big?


I got into them just this past summer. We were waiting a few minutes to head out and MuchMusic played the 'Ready to Fall' video so I bought the album after that. Couldn't get into it at all but 'The Good Left Undone' and 'The Approaching Curve' hooked me in now I can listen to the whole thing through and through.


A few others to check out juanpe:


The Approaching Curve

Blood To Bleed

To Them These Streets Belong

Anyway You Want It ;)

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