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Bad Losing Streaks

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So the gang recently started turning our weekly poker tournaments into six week long tournaments that will repeat on end for as long as we are still playing. Referred to as the "Kimble Cup" since we play on Kimble Drive, it's been... taken pretty seriously, even to the point where I was pushed to create a group on Facebook for it... if you have it just search up Kimble Cup.


Anyways, in the last two months.. my poker has sucked and I have no idea what to do. The way our system works is basically points are awarded, in regards to where you finish and then from there, at the final game table every point you have adds up to 100 bonus chips, on top of the standard 1,500. So far this is what it looks like:


Weekly Winners


Stage 1: Lance McNeil

Stage 2: Geoff Pearson

Stage 3: Brian Engineer

Stage 4: Geoff Pearson




First: Geoff Pearson --- 31 points --- 3/10/8/10

Second: Brian Engineer --- 28 points --- 5/8/10/5

Third: Jon Brown --- 27 points --- 8/6/5/8

Fourth: Lance McNeil --- 20 points --- 10/1/6/3

Fifth: Paul McKenna --- 18 points --- 6/3/3/6

Sixth: Scott Richardson --- 6 points --- 0/5/0/1

Seventh: Alex Burpee --- 2 points --- 1/0/1/0


So as you can see... I've had only 7th and 6th place finishes and it's starting to be a piss off to pay every week to play something that is just getting worse and worse for me.


Make me feel better with your crap streaks.

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back to basics. thats all you have to remember.



everyone has a pitch or a routine that works enough for them to be confident at what they do. especially poker. when i was at work and i was having a hard time closing deals and/or signing new clients, i would revert back to the way that made me successful and ditch all the bells and whistles and high risk shit. play simple poker. if you make a game plan before you go into the tournament and stick to it then you'll improve.

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Not if I say the same but call it 21 years. Which would mean you lose again, which would be an unfortunate paradox.


In terms of large paintball scenario games (those with points and objectives all day long)...whichever team I play for loses. Invariably. For five years. Two or three times a year. Except for that one ON vs QC game wherein we handed Quebec their own asses.

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Meh, they're usually as vicious as anyone else on the speedball fields. If not more. You have no idea how many french canadian wiggers used to play tourney ball when I was at the arena every week.


They just got ripped apart on the big field. Oh, also, I got bagged in that game. And it was snowing.

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Daaaaaamn!! One time I was playing and there were 3 of us left on field... My Spyder Imagine had ran out of air so I had a back up pump action pistol I was going with.


A buddy had a full-auto Spyder AMG and while it was everyone for themselves, we had teamed up because of my marker troubles and were going to take out the other guy (he only had a semi). My plan was to just take out the guy with the AMG 'cause I knew I didn't stand much of a chance so in the middle of a cross fire from like 20 feet away I just turned to shoot him but I was so used to my regular marker that I forgot to pump my gun. So yeah, nothing happened and he turned around and hit me in the balls about 14 times in a matter of 1-2 seconds... I wasn't wearing a cup.



I was fuckin' down for 25 minutes at least before I even attempted getting up. I almost threw up it hurt so bad.

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