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Lady In The Water

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I finally watched it recently. I think Shyamalan has gotten pretty good at creating characters, I just think he needs to stop doing horror. I mean it's always the same movies, it's just new characters. And his new characters seem more real than his earlier ones, I just think it's kind have time for him to try something else... Beyond that, his horror films are getting cheesy, just because it's the horror part that has gotten stale.


I found it amusing to see him give himself a much larger part in this film, he wasn't quite a main character, but he's getting closer I suppose.

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I just saw it last night. It was okay but the fact that all these people would believe this childrens story right off the bat, is just plain bizarre. It totally destroyed the believability of the characters in this movie. Although I guess you could argue that Story had this effect on these people.


I don't really see how people think there was a twist at the end at all, seems like it was pretty straight foreward. It definately had a cool premise though, and I liked the fact that these people, who are meant to fulfill a purpose are unknowingly brought together by the universe.


Good ideas but overall a poor execution. 5/10

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great idea poorly executed hard to watch...I tried not taking it seriously but it still was bad even from a very lighthearted perspective.


It was adapted from a fairy tale his kid liked or something..


I live near the tree's from the village those f'n things are really scary.

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