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Maple Music Matt Good Bundle

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it's got:




Beautiful Midnight

Audio of Being



White Light Rock & Roll Review.

I'm posting this for the benefit of people who live outside Canada where these albums are harder to find. they've got USD prices and Euro prices listed on the page too so hopefully this'll help some people

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did you just call me dingus?


edit: beth: i only ever listened to is a couple times, but the sound of the guitars on that album drove me nuts, as i remember it. some good songs, i guess, cuz i like the acoustic version of symbolistic white walls on that bootleg i just got, but i just remember the guitars driving me nuts on that album.

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Choosing the worst Matt Good album is like deciding between fifty million dollars and a lifetime supply of blowjobs.

that's an easy choice: $50,000,000. a man with that much money doesn't have to worry about finding a life time of blow jobs. and matthew good's worst album is his first, like so many other artists.

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