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so how about them juno nominations...not knowing if anyone cares or not, but some people enjoy watching them...i think...anyways just woundering what people think of the nominations this year...nice to see k-os get nominated for 5 awards (do yourself a favor a pick up Atlantis), and you have your billy talent, who are all right...and then theres the odd indie band who should get more press then they do, and obviously theres overrated bands such as Nicklecrap, who dont need more publicity because they suck...but the biggest let down of them all is...Matt Mays, how the hell does, in my opinion; the best canadian release of the year only get one nod, if you have WTAMC, i'm sure you'll agree with me...so ya thats about it...your thoughts?

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The Junos are not... my thing...


I support Canadian music, but the awards show is just... bad.


Like last year they had something like 2 Christmas albums and 2 Canadian Idol albums in best album of the year.... yeah... no.


Matt Mays is underrated.

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I don't hold them in high regard or bother watching them, but I do like it when artists I enjoy get recognized for their work.


I'm super glad k-os got a lot of nominations and yeah, I didn't understand how Matt Mays only got the one nomination; I do agree that it was the best Canadian release last year.


I'm glad to see Young and The Hip get nominations. Same with Sam Roberts and Sara Harmer.


Whatever. Good luck to them but I don't really care that much.

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Matt Mays is okay, he has some alright songs, but he's fairly well known as it is in Canada, so I don't see how he's underrated. He's almost a bit overrated actually. Also, Sam Roberts only got two nominations for his sophomore major label album...


The Junos are what they are, music award shows are just okay.

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