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So I read over some more of the manifestos and it came to me, what influences MG? How did he suddenly start thinking about happy pandas?


I remember reading on the BM Cd that "some things are better off in the dark", something like that ;) I forgot sorry, and heard in a Radiohead song that "It's always best when the light is off". Does he get it from other bands or do the artists we listen to think alike?

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You can't check music at the door. Everything you take in influences your creative process... you carry those ideas, modes, feelings. They become part of your database, they are incorporated, expanded, extended. What you process becomes your own and then becomes its own.



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im not saying he drops it.. but as he listens to it, it combines with all the other stuff hes listened to and makes somehting different altogether.

but this is something that would vary from person to person. if you are looking hard enough for an influence, you will find one.

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