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Dark Town Gospel: New album title?  

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Like (I'm sure) most of the rest of you, in anticipation of the new album I've been poring over every Matt related site or page I can get my hands on, trying to piece together little hints as to the new album's content or details. I've spent the most time on his flickr, where most keen eyes I'm sure have gleaned the prototype lyrics he wrote in the hospital, such as Prost-Elite and Single Spark Explosion. But, at the time I first saw it, the most interesting exhibit of all was the album cover sized blurry photoshopped picture of what looked like a blimp with a white 77 on a red splotch. The header for the picture said Dark Town Gospel. Now aside from the fact that I just think this would be a really sweet album name, the fact that he hasn't responded to comments left by readers for the picture leads me to believe it was a little tease. Sort of like he dropped the album cover and name, and then is all tight-lipped to make us sweat.


Plus the fact that his old imprint label was called Dark Town. It might be that with this album he's feeling nostalgic, or because it has more of an independently produced feel than many of his past albums have, but I think this is likely the new title. Thoughts?

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