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Planet Of The Apes?

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Those Damned Dirty APES!!!! (Sorry, I was channeling Charlton Heston)

He has Alzheimers, I have to wonder if he's talking to Apes right now.


I'm more afraid of Armed Robotic Apes, who can shrink themselves to nanite size, and enter us through our open orifaces and shoot our vital organs.

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nah, I'd welcome Zombies. I'd fuck them up. people that actually get killed by zombies are retards. and I'm not talking those fake ass "28 days later" zombies that have zombie like characteristics but are really just people infected with rage and they can run and stuff. zombies are slow, shuffling masses of mindless hunger, and I'd kill them all!

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That's a fairly good list, but I'm not sure what the uzi's in there for. I'm not a big fan. I'd suggest replacing that shotgun and M203/M16 with an M4 Masterkey (shotgun under the barrel instead of the launcher) and a stand-alone 203/Eagle launcher. Or an MGL if you're expecting heavy use out of that launcher. Could throw a beta C-mag on the rifle too, just to cut down on reload frequency. I'd also drop the Uzi entirely, maybe replace it AND the pistol with an MP5k, MP7, or other compact machine pistol.


Though I'm assuming you can carry alot more weight than I can...heh. Personally, I'd go AA-12 automatic assault shotgun (it has 12-gauge grenades available), and an AK-based subcarbine assault rifle.


I love guns.

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I like the suggestions. As long as we're killing damned dirty apes it's all good. I have a license, and concealed permit...for professional reasons, but I don't currently own one. I respect the gun, but I don't feel any great affinity towards them in general. They're a tool. My friend Steve, is another story, that freak has a small armory. When he finished his stint in the Army, he would have brought his Tank home with him, if they'd let him.

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I respect the gun

my cousin didn't. he blew his head off in front of his sister and a friend of her's with his rifle while dicking around (no "sorry to hear that"'s please. we weren't close, and i only ever met him once.).remember boys and girls: only point the business end at things you want to die.

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Apes or Robots?

I've always been more concerned about the Zombie Apocolypse... I've had many conversations about it, and often expect to see a zombie somewhere while walking late at night.


But I really do think that we should be more worried about our computers. Eventually we're going to make them too life like. I'd quote Our Lady Peace, but I can't remember the quote exactly and I don't want to butcher it. So, yes. We should be far more worried about our computers and robots killing us all than apes.


But, we're probably all going to die before that happens anyways.


Woo Global Warming.

(Suzuki is speaking at my school in an hour and a half. Being a film student I get to film him [there are two film students in my school. Myself and a very good friend of mine] so, due to the fact that I'm filming him, I also get to meet him. Who wants an autograph?!?!)

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