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My Conundrum.

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I live in Calgary and I'm having a blast here right now. Lots of opportunities for music and art and friends and fun. I was just offered a safety technician job at a plant for the summer for about $2800 a month (i make...about $1000 now)


The only problem is, its 5 hours north of here...in my hometown where the only appeal is money.


Options? What would you do?

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if the ONLY problem is that it's in your lame ass hometown (i'll assume it's lame by the lack of appeal) then fucking go for it. that's almost $2000 more a month than you're making now, and there's no law that says you have to stay there forever. just go, work, save as much money as you can, and then head out and do whatever you want!

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Well I was looking around at jobs that I could do in Calgary and the most/hr that I was actually capable of (keeping in mind I'm a skinny wimp) was $16/hr as like a landscaper or a painter helper. Which would be cool too if I could get a job like that.


With the job up north I'd be making $18/hr as a safety tech in the oilfield with regular hours and getting good enough experience to find a good job later in Calgary.


Plus, I'd be able to live off family while I'm up north. Free groceries are essential these days as I'm living off of a .69/day for a pack of noodles.


P.S. Kids remember, university + theatre = doubly broke.

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NEVER go for the money and money alone. its never worth it.

unless your going to make 3x as much money!!


I'd go for it, unless there's some other reason you don't want to go to your hometown (parents suck, ex-boyfriend or somethin'). I'd seriously just make all the money you can before you get sick of the job, then u can quit. You never know you may even like it & meet some new friends.

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I worked a few jobs at the plant a few years ago and all the guys were really rad. Plus my Mom's boyfriend works out there and he's cool. The only lame thing is I'd prefer to live in Calgary but if I get the job I already decided that I'll rent a place here and just come down on the weekends. Bring my little bro and go skateboarding with him or something. And I could handle living with one set of parents or the other on weeknights for a few months. Rekindle some old friendships.

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