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I didn't even know they had three albums out.

-Barely Legal (1997)

-Vini Vidi Vicious (2000)

-Tyranosaurus Hives (2004)


Plus they have quite a few EPs... They are a good punk band though because they are quite innovative. I don't really like the "Green Day" type records.

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edit: Matt:


i can't say they suck, cuz i really don't remember what they sound like. did they have that video with the lightning in it? or was that the vines. one of them has a video where the singer walks up this wall with a scrabble board on it. i'll say they're forgettable, cuz i know i heard them every day on the radio when that second album you mentioned came out. and you mentioned not liking 'green day' type bands. does that include green day themselves, cuz i sure remember them more than the hives. i haven't listened to dookie in years, but i still remember the tunes off it...fondly. and you said you liked the hives cuz they were innovative, politically charged and high energy. you just described american idiot (i can hear shade's eyes rolling, but a punk rock opera is kinda innovative, and the other two points aren't really disputable).

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