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Matt's mblog post today

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Here's his post from today

The more one looks at just how large a roll media plays in the warping of our democratic processes, the more one begins to understand how so many people can be so easily influenced without knowing or demanding better.


Maybe, for three days next week - Monday through Wednesday, we should all turn our televisions and radios off. Not so much in protest of specific stations, but to show that we still respect ourselves enough to realize that if we don’t do something about the corporate invasion that permeates almost every aspect of our lives, all we’re doing is helping to ensure that all we leave our children is the ruined shell of democracy.




Do you think you could do it?

Do you want to participate?

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I accidently listened to the radio last night (pressed the wrong button on my alarm)... but they were playing ASR... so I had to listen.


I don't watch TV... not worth it.


don't be weak! MAN (or WOMAN if you will) UP



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Okay, i've made a pact with another friend that we will not watch T.V. or listen to the radio on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I will admit that this will be hard, but i can do it....i will just warn you all that this means that if i get bored, then i will be on the 'bored', which means that since it's the summer and i'm always bored when i'm not working, i'll be on here all the time...and yes i know that's pathetic, but don't push it!!!

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Yeah, I could do that...I'll admit, I do listen to the radio quite frequently, but I don't think it should be a problem. As for television..well, I dont have the time anyways so that isnt even an issue.

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