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Has anyone seen this yet? I watched it last week, and I thought it was really good. Also, this being David Fincher's new movie, I thought a good question would be which do you like better,


Se7en or Zodiac ?


SPOILER (Highlight to View)
Kind of funny, but the Zodiac killer was never caught. So it would be very possible that he is sitting next to you in the theater while you are watching this.
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If they make a Grindhouse 2, I hope the two directors are Sam Raimi and David Fincher. Sam because he is the king of B-movies and David because he is just an amazing director. I thought the book Fight Club was dark when it came out - the movie made the experience so much mroe intense.

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I just finished watching Fight Club, its really good!! Zodiac was good too the only thing was it was a little too long, and i still dont understand the part where JG went to that movie guys house?? It was a really long and unnecessary scene.

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