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let me just add, as a Target cashier I ring up over 200 guests per 8 hour shift, and I have told at least one, that i remember, about the Matthew Good Band.


She was buying a Nascar something and I told her how my favorite drive is Dale Jr. cause he was in this rock groups music video. She said she was going to check out the Matthew Good Band based on my info. ;)

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i'll get some prelimineray posters and other things setup when we can get a little more info outta mg.


edit: cant spell still ;)

oooh, if I can get some posters, I totally know a couple independent music stores around here that would let me put up some posters

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it really sucks that mg/b albums aren't readily available here. i can turn people on to his stuff.. but then they're just going to end up having me burn the albums for them rather than go through the troubles that i went through to get mine (bewitching a smart mouthed canadian geek with my powers of awesome that would trade me canadian goods for lesser american ones) because nobody cares about having packaging and plastic cases and whatnot anymore as long as they have the songs on their ipods. i can slap posters up all over any wall that will allow it, but the chances of some lazy texan/casual music fan ordering a cd they can only get from canada is pretty slim, i'd think. i guess any one new fan is a small victory... but not really enough to get mr good right here playing live in front of my face like i want.

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