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Favorite War Movie?

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why was it a horrible movie?? It had great fight scenes

I'm not so huge on being true to the original, so I won't go into that, but for me, the movie seemed to really drag on, until it seemed pointless. It was something like 3 hours long, but I honestly thought if one were to cut it down to 2 hours, it wouldn't feel like anything was left out.

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Dr Strangelove was a war movie in my opinion. Pretty good satire.



Edit: A War doesn't make a war movie...there are many different ways to do it. Jean Renoir called his film "Rules of the Game" a war movie...and the whole movie is a bunch rich high class of people fucking around in a house...while the lower class is off fighting (which you never see).


pretty kickass movie.


but whatever.

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i forgot the bridge on river kwai, classic


schindler's list, too

well, i wouldn't say Schindler's List is a "war movie" when compared to Saving Private Ryan or Glory or Platoon

sure it is. almost every war movie focuses on one side of the conflict. in that movie it just happened to focus on the jews and the 3rd reich. I mean, that's the source of the conflict for the entire war. concentration camps, genocide, watching every family member getting shot in the head. what's more "war-ish" than that?


it's not a battle movie, just a war movie. although saving private ryan was better, I thought, even though they're two very different movies.

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