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If god was a comedian his material would be similar to Jerry Seinfield everyone would laugh because they feel they have to.....


If Ghandi was alive today he would probably be considered a terroist and be the fuel for hundreds of MAD TV sketches...


If weed was legal no one would smoke it....

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if cigarettes were good for you no one would smoke them either

I would. Smoking makes you look cool.

Well yeah! That's why I do it!


If I was king you will be first against the wall.


I know, I know, it's stupposed to be When I am king, but whatever. Get over it, fucker

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i noticed that. I think it's because this thread mentioned Seinfeld at the start.

if dropping the n bomb makes you a racist then I should change to white bed sheets (thankfully, it doesn't)

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If Chuck Norris were any more badass, he would be me.


If the deal I just pulled were any sweeter, they'd call me "A Pimp Named SweetBack"


If I were Galactus, Devourer Of Worlds, you'd all cringe in fear at the sight of my Herald Tim The Silver Surfing Teutonic Terror

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