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Fiber Optics...

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is that even available to the general public yet? many corporations have it. it's blazing fast, but as far as i know, the yearly costs are astounding.


i think it would be way too much for an average person to handle. the internet is only going to be so fast. if you're downloading stuff with fiber optic, it's still only going to download as fast as the other user's connection can upload.


however, if you're running 30 computers with a shared internet connection, then yeah, it'll be pretty good.

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Yeah, it's available here in So Cal, from Verizon. Basic starts at 5mbps/2mbps and it starts at $39.99 per month, and goes up from there. There's a 30mbps/15mbps as well, but that's $179.99 per month. It's very comparable to cable. But, I was wanting to get first hand advice.

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you know technically all internet ends up on fiber at some point...


Realistically you need to just weigh all the facts. Look at the bandwidth of the line, spec'd upload download speeds, up/down limits. Unless that are offering you superior to your current carrier I wouldn't bother... Also, you are going to put it over cat5 when it gets to your house, so are you really gaining that much?

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ah, american. i don't think we have it here yet.

i think (i am not 100% sure, it is just something i heard) that they are testing out fiber optic line's out in Alberta.


but if you would like to know where they speeds stand, a typicl T1 is 1.544 Mbps a T3 is 44.736 Mbps and the first OC-1 (fiber optic) is 51.840 Mbps and the last one, OC-192 is 9953.280 Mbps.

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Strictly speaking OC-1 has a max bandwidth of 51.84 Mb/s but it is only effectively 50.112 Mbit/s when you compensate for the SONET STS-1 framing overhead.


Also the highest is now defined as OC-768 @ 39,813.12 Mbit/s effective: 38,486.016 Mbit/s.

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