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Intros And Conclusions

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theres obviously hundreds of mgb or mg songs we all love, but the question i have for y'all is which song has the best intro and the best ending?...my vote for intro is...fall of man and ending is for born to kill (BM)

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Born to Kill, Double Life and Sort of a Protest Song are my fave outros.


Born to Kill is just complete and total chaos, and honestly, when I'm pissed off, I crank that song up, plug in my bass and just thrash around my basement and get it all out.


Double Life has that nifty solo, the little bass only breakdown, and then the guitars and drums kick back in again, and there's just something about the way that bit is put together that I just love.


As for Protest Song, the mournful cries of "no pain, no gain, no pain" have always sent chills up and down my back, and they still do.



As for intros, I like Giant and Man of Action.


Giant is just straight up fun rock and roll, and Man of Action reminds me a little bit of the Born to Kill outro. If you think of the outro to Born to Kill as a person who is full of thoughts that they can't express, the intro to Man of Action, to me, is like that person has finally found a way to structure those thoughts and put them out in the open.


What an odd analogy.


[Edit: fixed a typo ;) ]

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So many to choose from, I can't decide. I will freely admit to copping out.


Outro ... Suburbia, Let's Get it On, Advertising on Police Cars, Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance, Flight Recorder from Viking 7, Change of Season, We're So Heavy.

A bit of a trend towards the ballads/"power ballads" (I hate that term but it's better than "soft rock".)


Intro ... While We Were Hunting Rabbits, Near Fantastica, Fated, Change of Season, Suburbia, Poor Man's Grey, Giant (but after the cheerleaders, when the lead guitar kicks in and makes it all floaty-like), Going All the Way.

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As for Protest Song, the mournful cries of "no pain, no gain, no pain" have always sent chills up and down my back, and they still do.

is that what he's saying? i never could tell what that was. now i know.

I had no idea up until about a year ago and I found the "A Pleasurable Headache" booklet in my things, and sure enough, "no pain, no gain" was at the end of Protest Song in there, and it all came together

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Opening for Giant is pretty classic for the song and album.


I thought I posted this a couple minutes ago, but apparently not.

I agree. The cheerleaders are pretty classic.


My other favourite intro would be the one in Ex-Pats...


As for conclusions, PTD and Born to Kill are pretty awesome.


I think another interesting question would be: which album has the best intro and conclusion in terms of the opening and closing songs?


To that I'd have to say Beautiful Midnight or Audio of Being would take it.

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Something about the intro to Man of Action that brings memories of relaxing at my cottage. I think it's the intro to that whole album that I like so much. Oddly enough it sets a happy mood for me.

Near fantastica's intro gets me pumped too.

Can't forget Weapon too, so simple yet so good.


The ends of Sort of a Protest Song and Advertising on Police cars are both incredible- I sometimes feel like Matt is just showing off how good his voice is. Two of my favorite songs.

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Giant - is classic

Man Of Action - it just sounds like everything "revving up"!

Apparitions - just from the first 2 words "Say hello" & the chords i love that first couple seconds its so classic.

Inescapable Us - just like it

can't think of any others off top of head.



Symbolistic White Walls - i love the part "Its all right now, take the world & make it yours again"

My Outta Style Is Coming Back - love the part that sounds like futuristic keyboards or whatever

While We Were Hunting Rabbits - "I'm just a boat on the ocean, i'm just a ship lost at sea" plus end music.

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The intro to Giant is awesome, like psycho cheerleaders from hell.

In the unlikely event I ever gain enormous wealth, I'm hiring a cheerleading squad just to do that on command.


Well maybe not just that...

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