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Okay, I've got an HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop and it's running Vista. I've got the newest version of Windows media player and for some reason, whenever I run it, my webcam won't work. my webcam then tells me that it's being accessed by another program which I've narrowed down to Windows media player.

is anyone here tech savvy enough to be able to tell me why?

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Guest Prosis
I told you to get an Apple, Tim. Now look. At least it's close.

Brilliant and beautiful, is there anything you can't do :angry:


(This isn't sarcastic, I really love that clip ;))


And Tim, seriously dude, if you have no valid reasons to be on Windows get Fedora Core 6 or Ubuntu: Security, Easy to use, you have control on everything, no need for an antivirus, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc

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So in my professional opinion... that is, I have used and maintained windows machines, I currently use a mac, and at work I do programming on centos3/4 (which is RHLE for those keeping score), ubuntu, and solaris 8/10.


I can tell you that: If you want to have to fiddle with everything to get it working just right, you want a linux box. If you want it to look pretty and just work, as well as give you the ability to fiddle it, you want a mac. If you want to game, say 'bahhh' and get windows.


You can argue it all you want, but it basically boils down to what you need, and how much you want to work on it. Linux is lots of fun, but it still has some rough bits. There is still a requirement that you can work on the terminal effectively.

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