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San Francisco Photographer

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there's nothing wrong with it... everyone loves naked hot chicks.


its just stupid when people start praising his work as having some kind of artistical merit beyond tits and ass when they are ashamed to simply state they're digging the tits and ass.


anyone can be a "successful artist" if that's the kind of pictures they're going to take. it doesn't make them an artist, it makes them a failure because they've had to resort to taking these mediocre naughty photos in order to get their jollies from others approval of their work.


anyways, i'm just being argumentative.. obviously it doesn't have to be as deep as this lol

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what's wrong with hot naked chicks? if its really easy for you to convince women to strip down and pose for you, more power to ya.

Powermongering/manipulation, for any reason, is not respectable, and not a trait that should be praised or practiced. But I know that I'm a minority with that line of thinking.


I guess I should make it clear that I don't think all nudity in art is sexual objectification. I'm not religious, either. I didn't necessarily see overt objectification in that Merkley guy's stuff so much as it was trying too hard to be 'out there'. That and the pretentious set of question marks at the end of his name.



In the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson, "Less artsy, more fartsy."

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That and the pretentious set of question marks at the end of his name.

is that a joke? you're trying to be funny, right? because if you're serious with that statement, then i have just read the stupidest thing ever said on this board and i want a screenshot of it or something.

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