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i'd like all of you to refrain from posting anything derogatory or negative in here kids.


what those commenters are doing is really inapprorpriate so if you want to discuss this post just talk about the other part about his new site or something.

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jesus christ. hate her or not, i think mg fans have no business bothering her. its something between mg and her, not his fans and her.

Agreed. It's sad to see individuals using her new blog as a means of ripping her apart without knowing the first thing about her.


Not only sad; it's pathetic.


From a comment on matthewgood.org: In a way, I think the bashing has alot to do with the fans here being very protective of Matt.

I'm not even going to try and speak for Matthew Good, but I'm pretty confident he doesn't need his [fanatic] fans' protection.

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Guest Prosis


haha I think the comments are funny, but you're right people don't know her personally.

you think the comments are funny? really? i think it paints matt's fans in a really bad light and it's totally embarrassing.

Agreed. What happened between Matthew and Jennifer is not any Matt Good fan's business. The people who commented on that post are completely out of line and should refrain from doing so. It's childish, and stupid. No one knows Jennifer nor Matthew for that matter and therefore should never interfere especially in such a manner. She has a new blog period. The condoning or condemning of the situation (of which we know very little by the way) should be left to Matthew and Jennifer ;) :angry:

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I can understand why some of the fans feel like they need to get involved. Speaking from experience, M's music has helped me through some tough times and means a lot, so when I see him having to put up with stuff like this, yeah, I wanna do what I can to help him. However, there are better ways to go about it than bashing his ex on his blog. No matter how much we love the man and his music, this is an entirely personal thing, and just because he's using his blog to vent out frustrations about the situation isn't an invitation for every asshole with an internet connection to say derogatory things about his ex, no matter how much we think she deserves it. The better course of action is just to send M a little email or a comment saying "yo, we're for ya, don't let it get to you" etc etc.


And fuck, I have re-register AGAIN?!


It's a good things I've added "re-registering to MatthewGood.org" to my hobbies on my resume. ;)

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