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I find the comments on Jenny's Blog in really bad taste. There is no need for the comments that were posted, and does make the loyal Matt Good fans look bad. Like it has been said, what goes on between Matt and Jenny is just between them both, and we have no right interfere with them in any way.

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I read through some of the comments...I have never been so disgusted. What happened between them, happened between them. It has nothing to do with the fans. I can only hope that Matt issues some kind of disclaimer, and asks that people not continue to harass her.

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nah, people can post whatever the want on her blog.


she used to cut people up on her blog and now that she's using his name for promotion and on the internet she's leaving herself open to whatever gets thrown at her.


if she doesn't like it she can just not have a blog.


matt's taken a lot of crap over the years but he's sticked around.


its fight or flight for that b*tch. one of the worst things is watching someone close to you go through something like that. and yes i've watched it first hand.


she can have fun now trying to earn a paying job. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Posting about her blog was a pretty pompous thing to do, IMO. He was totally siccing the fanboys on her.

Matt is no retard...

He's been around, and seen, the shit of shittiest of net life... I pretty much have to agree with this remark.


Well not so much the 'pompous' part, as much as the siccing <( or however the fuck one spells that word) part....


I think he knew what would happen... ;)

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no i'm not in the 7th grade.


and i've supported matt simply by buying his records. that's what he want's the most from his fans.


and about Jenny. yes you can post whatever you want but whether you should or not is entirely different.


she's on the internet. anyone that has a blog leaves themselves open for stuff like that.


she didn't seem to mind when she was attacking others on her old blog. where were you then defending other people?


she had to see this coming before she set up a blog. i haven't commented as i feel no need to.


but people can feel to do whatever they like on the internet. and yes name calling is nothing to be proud of over the internet but it still happens no matter what people say.


in the end, she's a no body and we're all here for his music.

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