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Unbreakable (spoilers!)

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finally saw this movie, was on TV on the weekend. Very cool throughout most of it. The twist ending was kinda weird though. Didn't know M. Night Shamamalsyanlyan directed this movie, oh him & his damn twists.


The twist/revelation at the end came so quick it was hard to decipher what was going on. So what the hell is the deal with Samuel L. Jackson's character then? There were plans & newspaper clippings all over his wall. So did he devise all these accidents (like the train accident Bruce Willis was on) just to find this real-life "hero" he was looking for? To find a survivor with these super-powers?


And was he REALLY criminally insane like the end says he was arrested for? WTF what a weird ending.

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SPOILER (Highlight to View)
Your Balls

By Lauren White


your balls

they are big

and i like them

on my face, in a race, any place

your balls

fill your drawers

spill into the halls

i think of them at the mall

your balls they smell

like a dewy spring

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