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Google Maps Is Dumb As Hell

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he is. fucking puss. wears his hair long because "the 60's were where it's at, man!" "i'm a communist" because they give you everything you need and you don't have to work or nothing. "i'm going to sign up for food stamps" even though I can afford lunch/cds and I have a job. they might close down the college radio station "we should have a sit in!!!"



fucking puss

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i would frequently tell him "Dave...the 60's aren't coming back!" and "Hippies didn't do shit...tell me ONE productive thing they did for society." he had nothing

when i met him he was way into Grunge music. the funniest thing he said was to my brother, who's now 30, "hey, what was it like being alive when Nirvana was big?"



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