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Who Would Win?

In a brawl, who would win?  

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  1. 1. In a brawl, who would win?

    • Superman
    • Goku from Dragon Ball

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look at it like this.

Supermans only weakness used to be Kryptonite but as we saw in the ealry 90s, he can be beaten to death. it would just take someone immensely strong.

enter Goku.

so far, there are no limits on his strength. he can train and increase his power whereas superman, while incredibly strong, seems to have a limit.

I stand by my vote of Goku.

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What the deuce? How is obsessing over dragonball z and superman fights "cool" and calculus/physics/chemistry/bio isn't?


It's like it's opposite land. The less relevant something is the cooler it is!

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i never said it was cool. it's really pretty nerdy but as a nerd, I can still blend into the general public. i'm actually rather comfortable with that. everyone at my work knows that I look forward to payday mostly because that means it's time to go buy comic books. i rule

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