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Your Earliest Memory?

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my earliest memory was actually about a dream.


I was taking a nap and i had a dream where i got up and walked out to the living room, leaned over the couch, like i always do. then next thing I realized I was still sleeping in my bed.






my ex-girlfriend says she remembers the elevator when she was leaving the hospital....2 days after being born. she says a woman gave her mom a plant, which she still has

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My earliest are false, fabrications of events for which I wasn't present or conscious, based on hearing the same stories thousands of times. Others are valid memories, but not framed by anything which would allow me to say exactly how old I was at the time.


The earliest I could specifically pinpoint by year? Grade 6 at best, and only because I know I had to endure some sort of ridiculous 'graduation ceremony'.

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i remember being in the incubator. people will say it's a constructed memory but I've described the room and my surroundings, and they were all true.


I remember chasing my brother while in a baby walker, i guess when i was 2 or so. i remember stuff from when i was 3, 4 ,5 , tons .


on my first day of school I clung to the door frame while the teacher tried pulling me in. i hid in the coat area then tried to escape but they'd locked the door on me

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When I was 3 I went to the park at the end of the block. there was a yellow metal helicopter thing there that you could play on(back when playgrounds weren't retart proof), I remember getting really upset and crying coz there was this scary smiley face sticker on the steering wheel. I got upset whenever I saw that thing from there after.


I also remember the ocean at about the same age and grape crush cans on billboards. Oh- I remember the first time I saw snow at like 4, coming from california I ran into it and slammed my hands into it, I cried alot that night I was very unhappy about that.


I never forgave my parents for evicting me from california, nor shall I ever, fuck winter.

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Brendan, I recommend you pimpslap your parents, for every year since they evicted you from California. Having spent a lot of time in Cali, and living in New England...I'd be pissed too.


My earliest memories are of learning to walk. I couldn't quite master it so I would stand, and then tumble forward(like gymnastics). My German Shephard used to steady me, so my first steps were taken while clutching my dog. He was the infinite well of patience. I'd ride him like a horse through the house, and if I looked like I was going to fall he'd lay down in front of me to break my fall.

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I remember being held by my mother while in the throes of a migraine, I must have been around 4 or 5 years old.

I also remember slivers of the thing I called the gray man who terrorized me when I was younger. Only I could see him, once even with my mom there.

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Wow you were vicious even as a kid, Mrs. J.


I remember my mom's 68 Camaro SS...it was a chocolate color, the engine had this smooth, clean sound that sounded like tigers purring...it used to put me to sleep.

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