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A Single Explosion

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Can't wait. My prediction is that this record will be his best record ever. both with MGB and also as a solo artist. why do I make this prediction. cause I believe in the midst of chaos which is his mind, He makes his best music.

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I dreamt last night

of sirens

by flashlight I have found you

you just held my hand

by the brightlight in some ICUeven planets have a plan

I can't write lovesongs on these things

on these things i'm affable, responsible but,

hard to be around

it's correctable they write you

it's as easy as it sound

it's as easy as it sounds

it's always easy as it sounds

I dream last night that I saw you

the single spark explosion that negotiating with the dead

by the bright lights in a Icu

on my chest you put your head

and said

there you are

there you are

there's my heart


There's the lyrics I do believe.

the only one I am not sure about is the 6th line.

it's been 14 minutes and i listened to the song 6 times

yeah I just figured out that I am a freaking MG fanboy

Either way I don't care.

Maybe I'm too old for this

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This is what I got for lyrics from listening to it:


I dreamt last night of sirens

By flashlight I had found you

You just held my hand

By the bright lights in some ICU

Even the planless have a plan

I can

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I'm surprised you guys are so happy about this, it seems especially poppy for MG (especially the little synth in the background of the heavy part.) I like it, but I thought this was the Bored that hates Indestructible and stuff like that. The production is nice, it sounds a lot more raw than the last two records did.

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Haha, we'll see how much changes, then! Mastering aside, the arrangement seems a lot more sparse than was the trend with Avalanche and the recording doesn't sound as saturated as WLRRR did. I personally think I like it better this way, with the exception of the drums being too dry, but I'm certain at least that much will be altered.


Edit: Is there any info floating around about Matt's acoustic guitars or photos of him in the studio recording with them? His acoustic guitar tone makes me want to commit suicide (in a good way.)

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please refrain from bootlegging the new album. if you want a copy of the song just wait for the new disc.


anyone who posts bootlegs will get da boot.


edit: but just this one time, you can upload one as long as it's on a service that expires after a few days or is limited to 25 or so downloads. anything further will get warnings and or bans

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