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So, Is Matt Good Going To Win A Juno...

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Probably not and Matt probably doesn't care as he boycotts them, which I think a lot of Canadian musicians are starting to do.


I hope Hospital Music sells decently... I mean, White Light had like no promotion at all and it managed to go gold. Universal can kiss my ass.

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I seem to recall Ryan Dahle mentioning something about having to put together a portfolio to submit to the junos to be considered for one or something. If that is the case, then yeah, big money makers like Nickelback and Avril are gunna get in, because chances are, their labels are gunna back funding for things like that.

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The record company submits the songs/albums/artists they want to either nominate or win.


Nelly Furtado won 5 awards last night. I like her, her album is fun, but she shouldn't have won for it. It's really not that great...


Or why U2 has won 20 grammy awards for some half-assed albums (6 for How to Dismantal an Atomic Bomb.) Seriously.


Money talks.

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